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Yoga Mat TPE Green

Yoga Mat TPE Green

  • ONLY ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS USED: Limerence holds a strong belief in protecting the environment and a great responsibility to protect the only planet we lived. We use 100% natural rubber. (No rubber trees are cutting down during the whole manufacturing process.) It is free of latex, silicone, toxic glue and phosphates, no PVC, no chlorine and odorless.
  • PERFECT GRIP AND ANTI-SLIP: No need to worry about the mat slipping around on the floor or about youself sliding around on top of the mat throughout your yoga sessions. The Limerence mat has a natural, grippy rubber base and smooth polyurethane top. It’s not so sticky that it catches you while you’re trying to switch positions, but grippy enough to keep you stable even during hot yoga sessions. Also, its unique design ensures the mat grip any type of floor tightly.
  • ENGRAVED ALIGNMENT SYSTEM: The surface of the yoga mat is laser engraving designed with alignment system. Mirrored alignments on both ends help keep your hands and feet remain aligned. You could always stay centered throughout your practice and keep your body & mind in good alignment.
  • MORE SPACE: Carefully designed for all body shapes & sizes. Limerence gives you that extra bit of practice space and it is wider than normal yoga mats. Perfect for taller or plus size yogis Limerence yoga mat measures72.8″x26.8″, 4mm, providing ample space for all types of exercises such as hot yoga, Bikram, aerobics, and Pilates. It is a perfect gift for both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners.
  • EXTRA EXERCISE LOOP BANDS BONUS: 3 bands with 3 levels of resistance for easily customizing the intensity of your workout; suitable for fitness training for experienced athletes or beginners. Simply change position to target different muscles in arms, chest, belly, gluteus, legs, shaping every part of your body and enhancing every aspect of your health. It is small and lightweight so you can use at home or take it with you to the gym.


A good yoga mat should be squishy enough to take some of the pressure off your joints, and also dense enough to offer a stable foundation. Limerence Yoga mat is born to offer you an excellent practise experience. It offers great comfort and support for most practices: Whether it’s Restorative or Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin or Iyengar, the Limerence PU Yoga Mat is truly perfect for most practices.



The Limerence PU Yoga Mat features natural, antimicrobial properties that make this highly sustainable material very easy to clean. Non-toxic natural rubber backing provides enough cushion for comfort without inhibiting balance. Our mats are Skin-friendly with no latex, PVCs or harsh chemicals which make them easy to keep fresh and its closed cell will not trap odors.


Extra Large & Thick

Get ready to practice with more style and comfort. These mats are larger than most mats in the market. You’ll never go back to a smaller mat again. Experience superior stability and the premium support and comfort that comes with extra thick PU padding for your knees and elbows. Utilizing so much extra premium cork provides extra support during strenuous poses while providing for a smooth surface that you’ll want to lay on over and over.

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